Life Insurance for Newlyweds

Marriage is an important time to consider new financial responsibilities. It is important for the breadwinner of a family to insure their income in order to protect his or her new family. An unexpected loss of a spouse can lead to financial devastation as the surviving spouse may be held responsible for the deceased’s debts and financial obligations. Life insurance can help give you peace of mind that in the case of an unexpected tragedy, you will have time to grieve rather than worry about the upcoming expenses.

When estimating the amount of life insurance one needs, typical expenses to consider include:

  • Any dependents
  • Mortgage
  • Auto loans
  • Credit card debt
  • College funding for children
  • Student loan debt

With advances in technology, life insurance has never been easier to obtain. With Thema you can get a quote online instantaneously after answering as few as six questions. Approval can happen as quick as 45 minutes after submitting your application.

How Much Life Insurance Do I Need?

Life insurance is meant to replace income in the event of premature death. It is important that the breadwinner of a family insures their income for as long as their dependents will be relying on it; in some cases this can be 15-20 years. Even stay-at-home parents should be insured.

Premiums tend to increase with age, and waiting to purchase a policy can actually end up costing your more money in the long run. Ideally you will be able to reduce the amount of life insurance you have as you pay off debts and eliminate other financial obligations. If you are still paying off a mortgage, it is essential to ensure that your dependents have a home in the event of tragedy.

Life insurance is an essential part of a financial portfolio. Contact us today and speak with a licensed agent, or get an instant quote now!

What is a Terminal Illness Rider?

A life insurance “rider” is a provision to an insurance policy that adds additional benefits for an additional cost. Most life insurance comes with a Terminal Illness Rider built into the policy.

This rider can typically be triggered when the insured is diagnosed with a terminal illness and given a life expectancy of less than 12 months. The policy owner is then able to use part of the death benefit, usually less than 75%, to help cover the medical costs. Life insurance death benefits typically receive tax-free treatment when paid to the beneficiaries, and the Terminal Illness Rider generally receives this favorable tax treatment. However, you should consult a tax professional before making such decisions.

The Terminal Illness Rider is just one reason why everyone should consider purchasing a life insurance policy.
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How much will I save with Vision Insurance?

For anyone who wears contact lenses or glasses, vision insurance is a necessity. The following chart provides an example on the savings associated with a standard vision insurance plan


Cost without Insurance

Cost with Insurance*


Eye exam


$10 co-pay


Eyeglasses or Contacts




Insurance premium


Estimated annual savings


The minimum estimated annual savings is $93.92. However this does not factor in additional eye care services that would be covered, such as:


Est. Co-pay

UV Protection Coating


Glass Tints


Factory Applied Standard Scratch Resistance Coating


Polycarbonate Lenses


Anti-Reflective Coating


Standard Progressive


Other Add-Ons Available at a discount

It is also possible to cut premiums by around 50% by combining vision with a dental plan. That would double your estimated annual savings to about $200 on vision.

In order to take full advantage and save the most amount of money, you need to use your insurance. You will not save money if you simply make your premium and don’t go for the annual exam and get your new contact lenses or glasses.

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*Co-pays and premiums vary by location and plan type.