How much will I save with Vision Insurance?

For anyone who wears contact lenses or glasses, vision insurance is a necessity. The following chart provides an example on the savings associated with a standard vision insurance plan


Cost without Insurance

Cost with Insurance*


Eye exam


$10 co-pay


Eyeglasses or Contacts




Insurance premium


Estimated annual savings


The minimum estimated annual savings is $93.92. However this does not factor in additional eye care services that would be covered, such as:


Est. Co-pay

UV Protection Coating


Glass Tints


Factory Applied Standard Scratch Resistance Coating


Polycarbonate Lenses


Anti-Reflective Coating


Standard Progressive


Other Add-Ons Available at a discount

It is also possible to cut premiums by around 50% by combining vision with a dental plan. That would double your estimated annual savings to about $200 on vision.

In order to take full advantage and save the most amount of money, you need to use your insurance. You will not save money if you simply make your premium and don’t go for the annual exam and get your new contact lenses or glasses.

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*Co-pays and premiums vary by location and plan type.